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800 North Miami Ave, Suite 1406E, Miami, FL 33136
Miami, FL 33136
Tel: (305) 704-7414
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About us
AV Drone Photography not only looks to provide you with a high range of service options, but also delivered those services nationwide and even across the border. Whether you're looking for real estate videography, drone property photography or commercial drone photography services, you have the wealth of options you're looking for available through our professionals. We are continually on the forefront of drone technology, as well as providing the highest quality audio and professional video drone equipment on the market today. If you're looking for a means of aerial imagery that goes beyond standard capability, our professionals are here for you.
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Welcome To Our Real Estate Drone Photography And Videography Company
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, yet when it comes to obtaining aerial imagery, we believe that one of these pictures is worth a thousand from the ground level. When looking to take your vision higher and to produce stunning imagery and video of the even the largest outdoor spaces, turning to the professionals at AV Drone Photography will deliver more than you expect.  
About Our Innovative Drone Photography Business
By combining the capability of a professional photographer and the technical skill that comes with being an accomplished drone pilot, AV Drone Photography brings you an entirely new way of capturing the world around you. What previously could only be accomplished through survey photos or expensive plane and helicopter rentals, can now be carried out by a singular individual with a myriad of skills. 

By making the choice to reach out to AV Drone Photography for your needs, you have the access required to drone camera video and photography services that can fulfill a number of needs within a singular service. Take your media game to the next level and contact us today, we look forward to helping you create outstanding au
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