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About Us


Are you looking for a deal site that you don't have to pay up front with?

That has new deals daily from all different types of businesses?

Then you are in the right place. And welcome to Urbanretails.com. The online deal marketplace that makes savings more convenient for customers, and earnings more convenient for businesses.

You deserve a great deal. Why wouldn't you? The internet has forever changed the way we do everything. Before we go out or shop we now look for the best deal to make the most of our time and money. We love that, and want to reward you for it. We didn't create the system, we're only working to make it better.

How it works

You don't want to go find every deal on each individual site. So we brought all the deals to you. We work closely with different businesses to find you the best deal. They post a deal on our site, sometimes that very day! Which can equal a ton of savings.

You secure the deal on our site and redeem the voucher at that business. But here's the major difference and where the savings really get good.

Unlike most (or all) of our competitors we don't charge you up front when you secure the deal. No No No we only charge you once you redeem the voucher of the deal. That means, if you don't end up going to do indoor sky diving because your friend chickens out...you don't pay.

Who We Are

We are a new deal site that was tired of seeing money get spent on deals that never got used. We wanted to design a way to make the internet fair again. So that you only paid for what you got.

So we decided to call around to businesses and see what they thought of the idea as well. Because let's face it, without the business giving you the deal, there's really no deal. The response we got was amazing. They all felt like a lot of business was being left on the table because so many people...us included...would not buy deals in fear we wouldn't actually use them. Problem solved.

Our Promise

To give our customers the best deals available on the internet without any upfront costs to them. To make buying deals easy and an enjoyable process so you can save money and feel good about it.

To give our merchants the ability to create on the spot deals. Giving their customers the chance to save even more day by day depending the specials they offer. To create a partnership of savings that brings more customers to your door and loyal customers back again and again.

To give everyone the chance to take back control of their deals. To have the power of choice and not lose any money making it.

Urban Retails Company

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