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Nails Plus Spa
1139 Addison Ave E, # 103
Twin Falls, ID 83301
Tel: 2085952070
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  • 09:00 AM - 07:30 PM
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About us
Unmatched service, quality, and comfort. These are the hallmarks of Nails Plus Spa, the premier nail care destination of Twin Falls.

We strive to provide you with a wide range of professional services, including spa manicures and pedicures, nail enhancement, waxing, and much more. Of course, none of this comes at a cost to quality, as we compromise nothing in maintaining an environment of utmost comfort and cleanliness. Give your nails the attention and care they deserve!

Visit our salon to see and experience for yourself the very best Twin Falls has to offer!
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Benefits of gel nails:

1. They are much stronger than natural nails
False nails are an alternative if natural does not grow enough, peel, break, you wont bite them or simply want a perfect manicure for longer.

2 Perfect French permanent
The dream of having a classic French manicure, perfect and not hurt for a few weeks is finally a reality! That does not mean you have to give your daily activities, it just means that your nails will cope well with all tests. You escape and minor imperfections such as bumps or grooves on the surface of the nail.

3 Long nails
If you do not allow your natural nails to keep them long, protective gel helps to keep the length that you’ve always wanted. In addition, the form will always be ideal and perfect nails symmetrical.

4 Models outstanding and varied
Nail allow you to give free rein to the imagination in terms of their decoration: nail painting, three-dimensional applications or piercings.

5 Nail polish last longer
If you want to convert classic french in a color full of personality, you can always use your favorite nail polish quiet, the good news is that gel nail polish will stay intact longer than the natural nail and will be a perfect sheen.

6  Restoring broken nails
You have to break a nail? There is no problem with using these materials, the angle can be restored so that you will not be able to distinguish natural.

Tips/ Gratuity

"Tips are usually absolutely voluntary, but if you are pleased with the service you received, please kindly tip based on the original value of the deal."
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