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Beauty Nails & Spa
1341 Providence Hwy
Norwood , MA 02062
Tel: (781) 352-8500
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Beauty Nail & Spa

At Beauty Nail & Spaa, we use Bio Sculpture Gel, the only nail gel with a 5 stars rating, thin, strong and flexible. Natural looking, no chip, no dust, no fumes, no odor. Dries instantly under UV light. Preserve the heath of the natural nail. Gel available in clear, French and colors.

We also use O.P.I nail polish the highest quality products and the world leader in professional nail care.

Highest quality of ingredients

We are a professional NAIL SALON with the highest quality of work and standards. We take great pride in our work, great care in our customers and great craftsmanship in our services. We know that satisfaction is very important to our business.

We want to make sure that when you come to our Salon, you will have a pleasant experience. You are in good hands because we care.
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Herbal Spa Pedicure:

Herbal spa pedicure include fragrant essential oils, dried herbs, unscented scrubs, mask, hot stone, lotion and massage oil. Herbal recipes often contains ingredients such as unscented lotion base, unscented massage oil, unscented gel base, and unscented mask base. To be creative, clients just choose the favorite scents and create their own special recipe.

Organic Spa Pedicure:

Organic spa pedicure is a professional line of luxurious products for spa pedicures, and other spa services, to provide a truly unique organic experience. Natural ingredients and herbal extracts have extremely powerful and effective properties. Natural ingredients are safe, healthy and easily absorbed by the skin. Using natural products promotes health and wellness for your body.
* Callus removal, paraffin wax, and hot stone massage all included.

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  • Jennifer Lawrence - 10/19/2018 08:16 AM - Reply
    advertises eyelash extensions, but be warned, these are probably not the extensions you expect! Real eyelash extensions are glued, one false lash at a time, to your real lashes, using surgical adhesive. The reason they usually cost so much is because it takes an incredible amount of skill to attach individual lashes. So I should've known that Beauty Plaza's prices, starting at $80 for a new set (they usually run minimum $120), were too good to be true. I called before making an appt to ask that their extensions are indeed individual, semi-permanent lashes meant to last ~3 weeks, and Pam said yes. I checked again when I showed up at the appointment. However, once I was actually seated, I found out I was in for a terrible surprise. First, Beauty Plaza makes customers sit in the same chairs used for hair styling appointments, which is never done for eyelash extensions. For extensions, customers lie flat on a bed so that the technician can clearly work on their lashes. Pam then made me keep my eyes open, which again I thought was weird, since techs always have customers close their eyes, again to have easy access to your eyelashes and to make sure glue doesn't hurt your eyes! She then
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