Vacations in the Mediterranean: Exploring the enchanting landscape

By JLuong on Aug 11, 2014 in Entertainments & Activities
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The Mediterranean region finds huge number of travelers heading to the land every year. The enriching history, breathtaking scenery, and irresistible cuisine accounts for such an enormous number of footfalls during the vacation season. Few of the innumerable reasons why you travel to the mystical landscape of Mediterranean is to spend time visiting these hotspots France, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Malta, and Turkey.

If you love the beaches and the sun, then the gorgeous beaches of Mediterranean amidst the backdrop of exotic vineyards, pine groves, and olive orchards provides a relaxing retreat. Come to Mediterranean to enjoy the spectacular sand beaches as well as jagged cliffs, soaking up the unique ambiance of the region while watching the sunset against the blue horizon – an inevitable delightful experience for sure!

Venice has an enticing appeal since the middle ages. Consisting of 118 islands, the Venetian lagoon has an amazing history of raids, refuge, trade and European reign that saw the rise of Arab commercial undertakings and has today left a huge past of glory in the country. The marshy lagoon is an amalgamation of small islands all connected by bridges. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beautiful area that finds more commutes than ever in the Mediterranean region is definitely one place to visit in your vacation itinerary.

The west coast Mediterranean is a hiking paradise, with up and down steep hills and lemon backyards along the path creates an added charm. The popular Cinque Terre area has a UNESCO recognized national park and Oceanside getaway, east of Vernazza. Sailing to the Turkish coast embarks archeological adventure with a 3,000 year history. The remarkable Mediterranean region has had great cultures existing over the ages with architectural grandeurs depicting the tales of legends as if they were evolved in the land itself. It makes you believe in Trojan Wars that we were attracted to as kids and even timeless tales of immortals that accomplished all kinds of legendary feats, mighty deities and more.

The Mediterranean Turkey-Istanbul region is perhaps the cradle of civilization that has given rise to some of the most famous and infamous figures through times. In fact, no other city falls in two continents making it a multi-cultural city of Europe. The visionary Yet Mehmet was determine to lift the city’s fortunes and opened its doors for people of all races and religions to come over work and live in the place. This prospect saw people flocking to the city with new skills, creativity, energy, an aspect evident in the modern day setting of the city. There are jewelers, craftsmen, traders, bankers, blacksmiths, perfumers, and more such bustling talent thriving in the region.

The Grand Bazar is the largest market in the world that houses over 4,000 stores across 58 streets and is considered a mecca for spice, pottery, jewelry, and carpet. The Hagia Sophia reminds of the glorious past of Istanbul that was once governed by sultans and their lavish splendor has left a great impact on the city’s cultural richness. The must-visit destination of the Mediterranean, Turkey-Istanbul is truly one region that is adorned by abundant architectural wonders of the world.

Scattered across the Aegean Sea, Greece embraces bountiful history with the rise of bronze civilizations, Cycladic rule, and Mycenaean reigns. The island of Rhodes is certainly a pivotal part of the Grecian islands that has contributed outstanding athletics to the world. The intricate streets and cobbled alleys are quite impressive. The island is so large that it is impossible to explore the intriguing geography in a short stay. It is claimed that the island is the birthplace of the Greek God Zeus. The Santorini Island is a picture perfect postcard. There are so many amazing tales of interest that surround this beautiful place.

Vacations in Mediterranean are an extravagant getaway into the serene wonders of some of the most gorgeous locales in the world. Travelling to these locations and staying up at exotic hotels and resorts only make the stay in the land more unique. There is so much to explore and rejuvenate in the pristine sand beaches that this place is sure to leave so many enchanting memories forever!

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  • Claire

    This would be the trip of a lifetime! I agree, there is definitely something for everyone in the Mediterranean which you have highlighted well, from exploring the ancient cultures and histories, beautiful beaches to the amazing food. Great to see that you included Santorini in the round-up as well. For those on a budget, the Santorini camp site has great facilities and is close to Fira's city center.
    08/31/2014 05:32 PM
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