Destination: Europe!

By Ivy V on Jul 16, 2015 in Travel & Leisure
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Europe is not as large as the other continents, yet it is extremely impressive to realize just how many cultures, traditions, languages, currencies and lifestyles coexist within “the old world”.



If you think about it, countries such as Spain, Germany or Italy are relatively close to each other, yet they offer completely different settings and atmospheres, from the way people talk to the tasty and unique local cuisines. If you are thinking about traveling to Europe, you are in for a treat, whether you are looking for a trip in the nature or a dive into the local culture. If you belong to the first group of travelers, you’ll certainly appreciate the diverse scenarios and settings that Europe can offer: from the sunny shores of Italy to the majestic northern wilderness of Scandinavia, it is all within your reach.  Flights within the continent are extremely affordable thanks to the many low cost airlines currently providing many affordable destinations to travelers. You could easily fly between major European capital and spend anything from 20 to 100 euros for a ticket!


Since we mentioned them, European capitals are also extremely popular and interesting travel destinations. Places such as Stockholm, Rome, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona are truly one-of-a-kind. They are extremely cosmopolitan and multi-cultural, not only because of the many millions of tourists visiting these cities every year, but also because of the diverse local population. In spite of their open and global spirit, these cities still manage to retain some unique characteristics that reflect the history, culture and traditions of their countries.




Places such as the Coliseum (Rome), The Eiffel Tower (Paris) or The Berlin Wall are absolutely iconic, but it’s not just about landmarks: European capitals have histories that can be traced back to many centuries, and even thousands of years into the past. As a result,  you will be able to experience all the “layers” left behind by the various ages: the old medieval neighborhoods of Paris, the Renaissance luxury of Venice, The sophisticated elegance of 19th century Stockholm… All the traces from these ages are still alive and tangible, but they aren’t just sitting there like relics in a dusty museum: they blend in with the modern lifestyle, appealing to travelers of all ages and walks of life with a vibrant and captivating charm.

The best and most flexible and cost-effective way to move throughout Europe is definitely via airplane, as mentioned above, although there are many other ways. Young travelers love to travel throughout the continent via railway on backpacking adventures, while many adventurers even rent cars or motorcycles to travel to the extremes of the continent… Whichever option you are going to choose, your European trip will definitely be something to write home about!

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