Destination: Asia!

By JLuong on Feb 09, 2015 in Travel & Leisure
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Asia is such a broad and fascinating continent. Throughout history, Asian countries have been relatively locked away from the western world, a fact that stemmed many legends, mysteries and even misconceptions about many countries and cultures that still live on to this day. Why not getting there yourself and see what it is really all about? Talking about “Visiting Asia” may sound like an extreme generalization, and in many ways, it is exactly what it is! Countries like India, China, Thailand, The Arab Emirates or Japan are technically all part of the Asian continent, yet their histories, cultures and lifestyles wildly diverge.



Japan, for example, is a country where modernity, design and technology combine with undying traditions that can be traced back several millennia. On the other hand, places such as Cambodia are currently experiencing a big rebirth in terms of their tourist industry. War is finally (and luckily) a fading memory, and travelers are starting to feel that traveling to the area is no longer dangerous – so they can enjoy the many majestic temples and breath-taking shorelines.


India isn’t only the most popular destinations for travelers looking to experience something on a spiritual level within their journey… but it is also a premium destination for lovers of great cuisine! A trip to China feels like an exciting dive into a brand new culture we still know relatively little about, in spite of its great influence on our very own life standards.


These are only a few examples of the many countries, highlights and places that are featured within the Asian continent; the cradle to mankind’s most ancient civilizations as well as one of the most highly populated continents on the planet.

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