Cooking Urban Style

By Oranjegirl on Feb 07, 2015 in Foods & Drinks
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Cooking urban style is not as hard to do as it might sound. One of the main things that distinguishes this style of cooking is the appliances and tools used. There are some awesome gadgets and cookware out there too. They can make you feel like a pro, enable you to prepare food fare that gets people talking and will help you cut down on cooking time without sacrificing flavor or quality. Here are some of them.


NuWave – Infrared/convection/conduction technology allows this compact oven to deliver broiled, baked, grill, roast, steam, air-fry or barbecue food quickly. The fat and oils drain into the bottom, yet it doesn't dry out the food. If you forget to thaw out that chicken, no worries. Gourmet meals, even cooked from frozen to finished is possible with this cookware. The Cooking Club of America has endorsed this time-saving, energy-saving oven.


Corn Stripper – Save your fingers and the mess with a corn stripper. When you are looking for fresh corn, right off the cob; there is no better way to get it than to strip the corn yourself. OXO has an all-in-one version that strips and collects the corn kernels for you nice and fast. Referred to as Good Grips, this product is normally priced below $15 at chef cookware retailers.



Himalayan Salt Block – Many chefs swear by this method for cooking and flavoring food. It is said to provide a balance of salty and sweet when foods are cooked on it. There is a YouTube video with Chef Ren Mercher using one to cook scallops. In the video, he preheats the salt block in the oven while the scallops are searing in a skillet. He then transfers the scallops to the salt block and lets them cook the rest of the way. The salt block added a great flavor profile to the scallops while they cooked.

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